Registration Fee

Category Fee (JPY)  
Regular (Japan resident)  JPY 30,000  
Regular (Non-Japan resident)  JPY 20,000  
Student (Author/Co-author, Japan resident)  JPY 20,000  
Student (Author/Co-author, Non-Japan resident)  JPY 10,000  
Student (Non-author, Full events*)  JPY 10,000  
Student (Non-author, Limited**)  JPY  5,000  
Extra Banquet Admission  JPY  5,000  

* Student who is neither an author nor a co-author can join all the sessions and events in the workshop including the banquet.
** Student  who is neither an author nor a co-author can join all the sessions in the workshop excluding the banquet.


  1. At least one author/co-author for each accepted paper is required to submit his/her registration form by August 10, 2019. Otherwise, the paper will be removed from the program.
  2. A student may be required to indicate his/her student identification on the registration desk.

Registration Form 

Please submit the following registration form to SISA 2019 Finance & Registration Chair, Dr. Takanori Koga, Kindai University, Japan. The deadline is August 10, 2019.

SISA 2019 Finance & Registration Chair
Dr. Takanori Koga
Kindai University, Japan
E-mail:  koga(at)


(1)Bank Transfer
For all registrations come from Japan, the SISA 2019 Organizing Committee requests to transfer the registration fee by bank transfer. Please transfer registration fee into the following account after registration.

SISA 2019 Bank Account Information 

Bank Name (銀行名)  THE BANK OF FUKUOKA., LTD. (福岡銀行)  
Branch Number (店番号) 551  
Branch Name (支店名) Iizuka Branch (飯塚支店)  
Account Type (口座種別) Normal (普通)  
Account Number (口座番号) 3150939  
Account Holder(口座名義) SISA2019 Financial and Registration Chair Takanori Koga
                                                            (SISA2019 会計委員長 古賀 崇了)

Registrations come from outside of Japan, the SISA 2019 Organizing Committee accepts on-site cash payments. Please pay registration fee in Japanese Yen (JPY) at the registration desk.