Registration Fee

Category Fee
Regular (Japan Residence) 30,000 JPY
Regular (Excluding Japan Residence) 20,000 JPY
Student (Author/Co-author, Japan residence) 18,000 JPY
Student (Author/Co-author, Excluding Japan residence) 10,000 JPY
Student (Non-author, Full events) 10,000 JPY
Student (Non-author, Limited) 5,000 JPY
Extra Banquet Admission 10,000 JPY


  1. At least one author for each accepted paper is required to submit his/her Registration Form by 21 July 25 July, if not the paper may not be published in SISA 2015 Proceedings.
  2. A student will be required to indicate his/her student identification on the registration desk.
  3. Regular and Student (Author/Co-author) can join the banquet.

Registration Form

Please submit the following registration form to SISA 2015 Finance & Registration Chair, Prof. Naoyuki Aikawa, Tokyo University of Science, Japan.

SISA 2015 Finance & Registration Chair
Prof. Naoyuki Aikawa
Tokyo Universityof Science, Japan
Fax: +81-3-5876-1639
E-mail: ain(at)


(1)Bank Transfer

Please transfer registration fee into following account after registration.

Bank Name (銀行名) Asahi Shinkin Bank (朝日信用金庫)
Branch Number (店番号) 133
Branch Name (支店名) Kanamachi Branch (金町支店)
Account Type (口座種別) Normal (普通)
Account Number (口座番号) 0237014
Account Holder (口座名義) 2015 International Workshop on Smart Info-media Systems in Asia (相川直幸)


(2)Cash(E-mail or FAX your Registration Form until 21 July 25 July)

Please pay registration fee in Cash at the registration desk.