Zoom Instructions

Instructions for Online Conference in SISA 2023

Zoom Instructions for All Attendees

When you join Zoom meeting room, please change your name from the right-click on the name as

Session chair: AAA BBB (Chair)
Speaker: AAA BBB (RSX-Y) / AAA BBB (SSX-Y)
Audience: AAA BBB (CCC)

AAA: First Name
BBB: Last Name
RSX-Y: Presentation Number in Regular Session (e.g., RS1-1)
SSX-Y: Presentation Number in Special Session (e.g., SS1-1)
CCC: Affiliation (optional)

If you want to have a question or comments, click the “Raise Hand” button. The “Raise Hand” button will be appeared by click the “Reactions” icon.

After the session chair calls your name, please talk after turning on your microphone.

When you finished your question and comments, please click the “Lower Hand” button.

All attendees should not make any type of recordings, such as audio recording, video recording, and screen capture during the workshop.

The SISA 2023 organizer holds the rights to use part of recorded video with the permission of the parties concerned for reporting purposes.

How to Share Screen for Speakers

You can share your screen by clicking “Share Screen” button on the bottom of Zoom. A pop-up window will appear to let you choose the screen to share. Please select the window related to your presentation slide.