Author’s Kit & Guidelines

Author’s kit & guidelines

Following samples contain the guidelines how to prepare the manuscript of your full papers.

Copyright Transfer Agreement Form

All authors of accepted papers must sign the copyright transfer agreement
form for the paper to be included in the SISA2015 proceedings.

Short Presentation Template

Short Presentation Template (MS power point) if necessary

Free format is available for the short presentation, but your paper title, authors name and Paper-ID which is assigned in SISA Technical Program must be included in the title page. You are restricted to 2-3 pages for about 2minute talking.

Presentation Guidelines

Poster Sessions

Your paper will be scheduled as a poster presentation with a short
introductory oral presentation. The guideline is as follows:

In each regular session of SISA 2015, presentations are done in free discussion in front of their posters during the session. For the discussions, a technical poster has to be prepared by authors following above guidelines. The panels for hanging their posters are prepared at the meeting place.

Poster Size : A0 portrait (width 841mm, height 1189mm)
Furthermore, the short presentation is scheduled at the beginning of each session separately from main poster. At least one author/co-author of each accepted paper is required to make a short presentation for explaining your paper about 2 minutes using the uploaded short presentaion slides at the begining of their session.

Short Presentation slides : 2-3 slides in PDF format.
The PDF format for the short talking should be sent to SISA 2015 TPC Secretary no later than July 25.

SISA2015 TPC Secretary

The format is gathered by Secretary because the process of the short talking want to be done in smooth. The gathered files will be displayed at the short presentation by using projector.

Oral Sessions

The presentation time is 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for Q&A). Authors should bring their own laptop PC for presentation. Data projector will be available in the presentation room. It is recommended to test the presentation materials in advance of the session to ensure compatibility.

SISA 2015 Technical Program Committee Chair